Mixed Rolls, PET Film, Metalised PET Film, Coffee Foil, Chips Foil, Furniture Foil, Mobelfolien, Meubelfolie, BOPP film, PEPA Film, Metalised Plastic Film, Metallized Film, Heißprägefolien, Metalised Paper, Hot stamping foil used and unused, Heisspragefolien, Polyester Metalised Film, Aluminium PE Foil printed and unprinted, PP Metalised Film, PVC Film, Stretch Film, Shrink Film, Aluminium Foil, Laminated Film, Holographic Film, Aluminium Laminated, Silicon Paper, Laminaatfolie

- Competitive pricing: Plastika sees it as a challenge to negotiate  
  prices satisfying to supplier and buyer, always taking into account 
  recent developments in the market that affect the value of a 
  particular material.

- Knowledge of the fast-passed and ever changing market. Plastika's 
  goal is to be up to date on the products in the market and their  
  current  market value.
- You can approach Plastika for your supply or demand of a wide 
  range of plastic materials
. We have experience with a lot of  
  different types and forms of plastic. Please see the list of materials 
  under "Work base" for reference and contact us for our best offer!

- Flexibility to swiftly navigate in this dynamic market, which allows us to always be up-to-date with recent developments and current market values. 
  Also, our flexible approach towards our relations results in fast service and tailor-made solutions

- Personal approach whenever possible we will visit your company to get to know your needs and discuss material. We make it our business to meet
  your requirements and to develop our business relationship in a way that is as suitable to you as to us. We find it important to regularly monitor the
  pick-up of material to ensure that the loading proceeds in accordance with what has been agreed on.

- Our extensive international network and reliable logistic partners make it a sensible choice to have Plastika as a partner in your plastic waste 
  management. We are pleased to work together to contribute to a environmental friendly business!


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